The acoustical answer for large open spaces…

These baffles have no equal when it comes to design flexibility and maintainability. Each surface can be covered with a different color or style of fabric, so the application can be customized to the space.

Core material is 6 lb. per cubic foot fiberglass. Many other baffles are built around 1 or 2 lb material. This extra density provides superior sound absorption performance. Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 1.52. This high NRC rating means fewer baffles are required to achieved the desired sound in your space.

Acoustic Designs Acoustic Baffles are built With hard edges. This ensures crisp, square edge lines that last. Some baffles look like bags or pillows over time, that won’t happen here. Hard edges also provides superior durability and resistance to damage during and after installation.

Instead of attaching to a wall, baffles are suspended from high ceilings. Baffles are often used in auditoriums, gyms, caffeteriums , sports arenas, commercial/industrial buildings, and other large spaces.

Baffles are more efficient than wall panels because both sides of the baffle absorb sound.